Schoolhouse Saturday – the Reese Creek School

Built in 1904 for $452.50, the Reese Creek School is one of seventy-seven one room schoolhouses built throughout Gallatin County, Montana between the 1890s and early 1920s.  Prior to the schools being built, classes were often held in private homes or in log cabins.  After Montana achieved statehood in 1889, it took just four residents from a community to petition the state government for financial assistance to pay for a teacher’s salary and room and board.  Because of horse drawn transportation, it was dictated that schools could be no more than five miles apart.

Reese Creek School (District 17) - 1904-1965

Reese Creek School (District 17) – 1904-1965

Reese Creek was named for the John E. Reese family who filed for a homestead under the Homestead Act of 1853-1864.  Early settlers arrived from the Salt Lake area via the Virginia City gold fields and the community grew to include a blacksmith shop, cheese factory, general store, and an L.D.S. church.  It was one of the first areas in Montana Territory to raise grain.

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