Schoolhouse Saturday – the Torrey Log Schoolhouse

Construction began on the Torrey log church on September 18, 1898.  Local settlers provided the labor, materials and cash for this unique log structure that had a steep hip roof, square bell tower, flared eves, and a pink sandstone foundation.  On December 19, 1898, the school opened for the first time in the 21 x 37 foot, one-room building providing an education for the children of Torrey and the surrounding ranches.  The building wasn’t just used for school and religious services though, it was also used for dances and civic, social, and religious meetings until two red sandstone buildings were constructed, one for a school and one for a church.

Use of the original log building continued both by the LDS church and the community until the 1970s.  The LDS church deeded the log building to the local Daughters of the Utah Pioneers in 1990, with the provision the the building was to be moved from Church property  Since that date, the building has undergone major renovations and restoration and continues to be used for religious, civic and educational functions.

Torrey School - September 18, 1898

                                                         Torrey School – September 18, 1898

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