Schoolhouse Saturday – the Grass Valley School

Originally built at 2325 Miner Street, the Grass Valley Schoolhouse was built around 1901 in a design typical of other schools being built in Colorado at the same time.  The bell in the tower was not only used for calling children in from recess, as it also served as a fire alarm for that area of Idaho Springs.  The schoolhouse also held various meetings and community functions before the school was closed in 1917, after which, it was converted into apartments.

Grass Valley School (1901-1917) Clear Creek County, Colorado

Grass Valley School (1901-1917) Clear Creek County, Colorado

The owners of the building gave it to the Historic Society in 1894 and the society convinced the city to save the school from demolition and renovate it to be used as a city hall.  The school was moved to its current location in 1986 and is now the cornerstone of the downtown improvement district of Idaho Springs.  In addition to being the City Hall, the old Grass Valley Schoolhouse also houses the Idaho Springs Police Department and the Idaho Springs Municipal Court.

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