Schoolhouse Saturday – the Old Bailey School

Built in 1907, the old Bailey School is one of the last remaining one-room log schoolhouses still standing in Michigan.  It bears the name of a lumberman who was part of the crew that built the school and supervised moving it to a new site in 1913 where it continued to serve the community until 1941.  After the school closed, students were transported to Oscoda Schools.   Partially restored in 1973 by the Mikado Township, the Old Bailey School was disassembled, moved and restored in 1998 to its current site in Alcona County.

I wish the building would have been opened when I visited as the interior has been furnished with items used during it’s time, including desks, a drinking pail and dipper, coal stove, blackboard, books, and a recitation bench.  The original school bell still sits on the building’s roof waiting to summon children to their lessons.


The old Bailey School

The old Bailey School

The Alcona Historical Society holds an annual Log Cabin Day and Strawberry Social at the school on the last Sunday in June.


Until the next adventure….



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