Schoolhouse Saturday – the Springdale School

I keep seeing “Waterfall Wednesday” or “Throwback Thursday” all over the web these days, so I decided to try something new with this blog and start “Schoolhouse Saturday”, where I hope to post a new photo of a historic school that I have found every Saturday – since I’m not the best at updating my blog, this will be a challenge in itself.  I love finding old schools for a couple of reasons – 1) it takes me back to a simpler time when there wasn’t all the gadgetry that is around today; 2) my mom went to three different one room schools growing up (and they are all still standing, unlike the majority of one room schools that once dotted the landscape); and, probably the best reason 3) looking for old schools gets me off of the main roads (though I have found some right along the highways) and out exploring the lesser visited areas of our country.

The first school I’m going to share is the Springdale School located in Camas County, Idaho.  This was a surprise find as I was taking the “scenic” route to Utah for vacation with my mom.  A passing glance showed this building on the horizon, which resulted in turning the car around and going back to investigate (my car is getting quite adept at making u-turns for some reason).

Springdale School - Camas County, Idaho

Springdale School – Camas County, Idaho

As you can see from this photo, the bell is missing from the Springdale School.  It is currently residing at the only school left in Camas County.  Back when it was still at the Springdale School, it was an important piece of the school, essential for prompt attendance by the area kids.  The Springdale School was established shortly before the beginning of World War I and provided an education to the students of Camas County until the consolidation of schools around the time of World War II, when snowplow technology and buses made it easier for the kids to go to school, thus bringing an end to the majority of one room schools.  As it’s days of providing and education ended, the Springdale School began a new life as an equipment shed for the ranch next door.

Springdale School - Camas County, Idaho

Springdale School – Camas County, Idaho

Until the next adventure….


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