Cherry Creek School – Cherry Creek, Nevada

Built in 1872, the Cherry Creek School is one of the two oldest standing schoolhouses in the State of Nevada. At one time, Cherry Creek was the largest town in White Pine County, and at the peak of its prosperity had an estimated population of 6,000 and there were 56 students in attendance.

The Cherry Creek School in Cherry Creek, Nevada.

The Cherry Creek School in Cherry Creek, Nevada.

In November of 1894, a dispute between Pat Green and Pat Dolan about the schools location turned violent when Dolan killed Green in a gunfight. In 1901, a kerosene lantern that had been inadvertently filled with gasoline exploded, burning several nearby buildings and nearly destroying the schoolhouse.

Classes were last held in the school in 1941 and the building was subsequently used as a post office until 1971. In 1994, the building was acquired by Walter Campbell in 1994 and was converted into a museum that is open by appointment.

In it’s  heyday, Cherry Creek was home to two clothing stores, five mercantile stores, and twenty-eight saloons.  Today, there are around 20 permanent residents in Cherry Creek.

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