Machine Shop

While in Nevada, we had the opportunity to visit the Nevada Northern Railway (NNRY) in Ely.   Located in White Pine County, Ely was founded as a stagecoach station on the Pony Express and the Central Overland Route.  It became a mining boom town after copper was discovered in the area in 1906.  Like other mining towns, Ely suffered through the boom and bust cycles the plagued town in the west.  The NNRY is is a working railway that consists of the original locomotives, track and buildings that served the Central Nevada coppery mining region, connecting one of the largest copper mines in North America to the Transcontinental routes.  Visitors are given the opportunity to go on a tour of the facility including being allowed into the machine shop and the engine house.

Machine Shop

Machine Shop

The image above is actually 5 different images processed with Photomatix Pro software to give it a slight HDR effect, which helped to bring out the detail in the shadows and add some range to the highlights.  Because everything was quite grimy (it is a working machine shop after all), processing the image this way also helped to bring some depth to the layers of grime covering the table and the tools.

The machine shop and the adjacent engine house (photos from there will be in a later post) were built in 1908, before being altered in 1917 and again in 1941.  I have to admit, in a day where the focus seems to be on making things smaller, lighter and faster, it is quite refreshing to walk around in a facility that goes to great lengths to keep the trains running.

The nuts and bolts of the operation.

The nuts and bolts of the operation.

I loved this sign outside of the machine shop.

Politicians Prohibited

Politicians Positively Prohibited

The rail yards are listed as a National Historic Landmark of the United States and it has been said that the Nevada Northern Railway complex is the least altered and best preserved yard remaining from the steam railroad era.

I will be posting more images from both the machine shop and the engine house in my Flickr album for the railway.

Until the next adventure….


3 thoughts on “Machine Shop

  1. Great article & absolutely beautiful, beautiful pictures! I love what you did with the photo of our Machine Shop – and how you explained it, as well. Thank you for the wonderful feature on our National Historic Landmark railroad, including a link to our website. Would you be willing to share this to our Facebook site at, as well as to email a copy of the article and pictures for future promotion. It is so well done — we would love to have your permission to share with others. Thank you. — Dany Feinstein, Sales & Marketing Director,

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