The Middle of Nowhere…

Driving south out of West Wendover, Nevada on our way to Great Basin National Park, we came across a tree that had been “decorated” with just about everything you could imagine.



There’s nothing else in the area, no buildings of any sort, not much else in the way of tall trees.  And yet, in this area of seemingly nothingness, there is life and the tree serves as a reminder that we are all traveling down a road to somewhere.  For some, it might be a vacation; for others, a start of a new life, but for all, the road leads us to something else, something new and exciting.


As far up as people could reach, there were hats, shirts and other discards of where they had once been.  Tucked into branches were notes of places they were headed.  Each item, be it a hiking boot or a beer can tied to the tree with a piece of surveyor’s tape told somebody’s story.  Empty cans of Red Bull spoke of someone’s attempt to stay awake on a long, lonely stretch of highway.  On the ground near the tree was a little piece of card stock that someone had lovingly inked with a pen in to a breathtaking geometric design:

Roadside Art

Roadside Art

On the back of the art piece, the artist had written:

“You have found an

artistic piece of 

human kindness


An artist by the name of Sue Williams had left the card on her trip through the area as part of a project entitled “Tangled Kindness”.

A small sampling of items left at the "Giving Tree"

A small sampling of items left at the “Giving Tree”


On this lonely stretch of highway, this tree serves as a reminder to all who pass, that life is not about getting to the destination first, but rather it’s about taking the time to really stop and see the beauty in everything that surrounds us; whether it be a grand vista on the horizon, or a tree that has been “decorated” by hundreds of other people that have passed by.  And that each of us have a story to tell, no matter how big or small the journey  we are taking.

Until the next adventure….




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