Unplanned Adventures are the Best Kind…

Yesterday it was time to replace some jeans so after loading the camera gear in the car, I headed down to the outlet stores in Woodburn, Oregon. Now if there’s one thing you need to know about me, it it I absolutely despise shopping of any kind (well, unless it’s for a new book or new photography gear) and clothes shopping is definitely one of my least favorite things to do. So I decided that once I was done purchasing some jeans, I would head up to Silver Falls State Park to photograph the many waterfalls there.

On the way out to the state park, I drove by Union School Road and knowing how successful I’ve been finding covered bridges on roads named “Covered Bridge Road”, I found a safe place to turn around and head down Union School Road in the hopes that there might still be a school on it……and as luck would have it, I found this one

Union School

I was hoping that the Big Leaf Maples would be flowered out but forgot to take into account that Silver Falls State Park is much higher than the freeway and there was very little spring color. Salmon berry, skunk cabbage, and bleeding hearts were just starting to bloom and the redwood sorrel and false lily of the valley were starting to emerge on the forest floor.

Upper North Falls

 After shooting Upper North Falls, a pretty little 65-foot waterfall, I decided to see if I could find any other waterfalls in the area that were a bit lower in elevation.  I found a couple of waterfalls near the area listed in Gregory A. Plumb’s book Waterfall Lover’s Guide – Pacific Northwest 4th Edition not very far from where I was at, so I took off in search of Upper Butte Creek Falls and Butte Creek Falls.  After successfully finding the trail head, I finally paid attention to what time it was getting to be and decided to save exploring these falls for another day……and I’m glad I did…..as I was headed back to the main road, the weather turned and it started to snow!

All was not lost however, as once I got back to Scotts Mills, I found McKay Falls named after Thomas McKay who originally built a flour mall at the site which was later sold to Robert Hall Scott as well as a sawmill.  The two mills are how the town of Scotts Mills got its name.

McKay Falls

Until the next adventure……


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