The Next Winter Adventure – Snowmobiling

I’m not a skier or a snowboarder, but I love winter.  I’m an avid snowshoer and when a coworker suggested that I go snowmobiling with her and her boyfriend, I was game to try.  I’d never ridden a snowmobile (or a dirt bike, or a quad for that matter) before, and was very apprehensive starting out.  I”m glad my coworkers understood and kept to the forest service roads as they were about as crazy as I wanted to get.

We took off from the Price Creek SnoPark and made our way up to the radio tower (a very bumpy 7 miles of frozen roadways) with only one minor mishap – apparently, hitting the throttle when you meant to hit the brake is a bad idea and I have two huge bruises on my leg

s to prove it.  The view from the radio tower was amazing:

Once at the top, we broke for a quick lunch before getting ready to play some more.  But before we could go play, we helped dig another snowmobiler out who had managed to get stuck in the snow.  Actually, we helped dig the same guy out two or three times before he managed to get his sled to a spot where he could get going again without bogging down.  It’s an excellent way to stay warm out in the cold.

When it was time to go back down the mountain, instead of taking the main road back down, we opted to take a much narrower path that was shorter and quite a bit steeper.  It was amazing riding the snowmobiles through the trees and crossing little snow bridges.

A couple of bruises and some soreness was a small price to pay for an excellent day of new adventures up in the snow with friends.


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