Tubbs Winter Challenge #1 – Take a Newbie Snowshoeing

The day after Christmas.  Everybody is on sensory overload from opening presents and eating way too much food the day before.  What better way to spend the afternoon than participating in one of the Winter Challenges presented by Tubbs Snowshoes.  Challenge #1 was to “take a newbie snowshoeing” or as the case may be four “newbies” as I invited a friend of mine and her three children to try snowshoeing for the first time.

For our adventure, we decided to play in our “backyard” – Mt. Rainier.  After loading up the car with 5 pairs of snowshoes, winter gear, tire chains, snacks, water, and changes of clothing for everybody we all climbed in.  No small task since I drive a Hyundai Elantra and we had to fit three kids in the back seat with one of them in a  car seat and another still in a booster seat.  I’m sure they were pretty crammed together but everybody seemed to be excited about their upcoming adventure.

Since none of them had been snowshoeing before and Christina would have Ben in the baby backpack, we opted to play on the loops of Cougar Rock  campground as it is flat and therefore less of a danger of falling.  Abby quickly learned the benefits of having snowshoes on as she “postholed” a few feet from the road:

After helping Evan get his snowshoes on, we were off:

Christina, Abby, Evan and Ben make their way up the road before venturing off into the trees for some “off-trail” exploring:

After a couple of hours wandering around in the snow, numerous falls, and a little football playing (a little bit of a challenge when everyone has snowshoes on), it was time to head back to the car and make our way back down the mountain, unchain the car at Longmire and head for the nearest Starbucks for some hot cocoas and coffees.


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