Snow in the Mountains

After photographing a couple of soccer games Saturday morning, it was time to head towards Mt. Rainier for some clear blue skies and fresh snow in the meadows of Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park.

It was an excellent day for exploring the park.  As is normal for me, my first stop was at Christine Falls.  There was a thin dusting of snow and the wall of the gorge by the falls were just beginning to ice up for the winter.


From there, it was time to head up the road towards Paradise where this Red Fox was spotted

The conservationist John Muir perhaps stated it best when he described the meadows of Paradise as “…the most luxuriant and the most extravagantly beautiful of all the alpine gardens I ever beheld in all my mountain-top wanderings.”

The meadows of Paradise were indeed luxuriant with the fall colors still showing under a couple of inches of snow.  All in all, it was a fun little, spur of the moment road trip that led to some great photographic opportunities.


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