Cedar Creek Grist Mill

Built in 1876 by George Woodham and his two sons, the Cedar Creek Grist Mill is the “only grain grinding mill in Washington that has maintained its original structural integrity, grinds with stones and is water powered.”
According to an old newspaper article, debris in the swiftly flowing creek damaged the dam that first winter. In any case, Woodham moved away in 1879, taking all the equipment with him.  Mike Lynch bought the mill but it sat for seven years until he leased it to Gustave Utter.  At that time a log dam was constructed about eighty feet upstream. Utter built a flume and installed the Leffel turbine, which is still in use today.  The mill quickly became the center of activity where dances and musical entertainment were held frequently.

For more information on the Cedar Creek Grist Mill, please visit http://cedarcreekgristmill.com/

Located just outside of Woodland, Washington, this is an excellent location to provide children a glimpse into some of the history of our state and visitors will be treated to a “working tour” where they can see flour, corn meal and apple cider (the last Saturday in October) being made.


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