To Tri or Not To Tri

The event – Seattle’s RainMan Indoor Triathlon

It was with great trepidation that I drove towards Green Lake last Sunday morning as I was nervous about my first triathlon attempt.  I can swim, but I definitely don’t consider myself a swimmer.  The Seattle RainMan Indoor Triathlon was the perfect event to determine whether or not I enjoyed the sport of triathlon.  A typical triathlon is composed of a swim, bike, and run and the RainMan event was no different.  What makes it unique though, is that it is composed of a lap swim, your bike on an indoor trainer, and then a run around Green Lake.

After horrendous traffic into and through downtown Seattle, I barely made it to Green Lake in time to find parking, get checked in, and get my number written on my arm and calf and it was time to start. 

The swim was a bit difficult as I’m not used to sharing a lane with another swimmer and there was constant bumping into one another as he chose to swim the breast stroke for the swim leg.

Competitors try to swim as many laps as they can in the 15 minute swim leg of the Seattle RainMan Indoor Triathlon.

After 15 minutes, it was time to exit the pool and get on the bikes.  During our swim, volunteers had moved our bikes from the staging area and placed them on indoor trainers that were calibrated to our body weight so that they simulated riding on a road.  After finding my bike, toweling off, and getting my bike shoes on, it was time to pedal for 30 minutes.

Competitors pedal for 30 minutes during the bike leg of the Seattle RainMan Indoor Triathlon

After 30 minutes went by, we all jumped off our bikes and changed into our running shoes to take a lap around Green Lake.  It was grey and windy, typical Washington weather, and very chilly running around the lake as it seemed that there was a constant head wind for the entire 3 miles.  The run took me longer tha I would have liked, but I’m okay with that; I know I’m not a fast runner. 

After dodging other runners, people out walking, and kids out riding their bikes for 3 miles, the finish line was a very welcome sight.

The finish line was a grand sight after running a lap around Green Lake

After a successful first triathlon, I think I’m definitely going to have to try this sport again in the near future.  I know that there is one in Federal Way in July that I would like to tri.

*I apologize for the bad photos but I only had my cell phone with me.


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