In Search of a “Super” Moon

 A photographer’s dream – the “super” or perigee moon and light whispy clouds in the sky.  The moon was a mere 221,565 miles from Earth on March 19, 2011, resulting in it appearing to be 14% larger and almost 30% brighter than typical full moons.

I loaded up the camera gear and some warm clothing and headed east over I-90 towards Vantage. I figured that the moon rising above the Wild Horse Monument would be interesting and according to the Department of Transportation web cams, there was very little cloud cover looking east of Vantage. After a quick stop to fill up the car and some Starbuck’s, I was on my way.

Traffic was virtually non-existent and Snoqualmie was bare and dry allowing the miles to fly by and in no time I found myself crossing the Columbia River in Vantage.

It seems that the Department of Transportation feels it necessary to close scenic viewpoints for the season and the entryway into the parking area was in fact closed. However, some people before me felt it was necessary to take the cable barrier down so I followed their lead and drove into the parking lot anyway. The few cars that were in the parking lot decided not to stick around for the show.

A quick short hike up the hill side and it was time to relax and wait for the moon to make her appearance. It was definitely worth the wait as once the moon began to rise the clouds above it began to glow with color:

Perigee Moon Rise by RU4SUN2

Then as the moon made its way higher in the night skies, it was time to play with some glow sticks and the horses

The End of Winter by RU4SUN2

All in all, it was a fun night out photographing the moon and the stars.


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