“Bloomies” Invade Spokane for the 34th Annual Bloomsday



 “Bloomies” were lined up for blocks in eager anticipation of their respective waves to surge across the start line and begin the 7.46 mile race through the streets of downtown Spokane.  There is a saying that “Charity begins in the home” – well during Bloomsday, it begins before the start line as runners discard their layers of clothing and throw them into the trees lining the course.  After the race, all the clothing is picked up and donated to local charities to help people in need.The 2010 Bloomsday run kicked off with a bang Sunday morning.  Roads were closed to vehicular traffic, the lines for the porta-potties were long, and 55,088 runners and walkers lined the streets of downtown Spokane waiting in eager anticipation for their waves to start.  I frantically watched from the shuttle bus for a spot to replenish the batteries that were dead in my mom’s camera as I had managed to misplace mine and she was letting me borrow hers to take photos on the course.  Thanks Mom!  Batteries replenished, it was time to line up for the start and all I could see was the tops of people’s heads. 

 More than 20 bands, playing everything from rock ‘n’ roll to accordians, lined the course at various points to entertain the runners as they gasped their way along the course.

The course began in downtown Spokane, before running through a cemetery and by Spokane Community College.  Before you were even aware of the time passing, suddenly you rounded a corner and saw what was before you…..the dreaded “Doomsday Hill”

For those that made it to the top of “Doomsday Hill” they were greeted by a giant vulture, circling and waiting for those runners that were still alive to pass by…

The fastest runners were finished before my race even started…Lineth Chepkurui of Kenya took 1st for the women in a blistering 38:10 and setting a world’s best 12k road time, while Peter Kirui, also of Kenya claimed 1st for the men with a time of 34:28 in his first attempt at Bloomsday.


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